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Break Out of Yourself and Have Fun!

How did My Journey with MAP begin? Part I

About two and a half years ago, a very special friend, Linda, sent me an e-book and urged me to read it and tell her what I think. Her message sounded exciting. She told me that she had swallowed down the book in just one night. I felt this meant something.

But wouldn’t it have been Linda, and wouldn’t she have made her message so urgently, I would probably have saved the e-book copy in a folder and forgotten about it for a while. There was so much going on in my life at that time that sometimes it was hard for me to decide what was really the most important thing to choose to do.

Fortunately, Linda’s message kind of dragged me into this book. So I started to scroll through it right away, checking its structure and how long it was. I wondered: How much time would cost to read it? Did I really have that time to read it right now? I hesitated.

First off, I thought that the “Abundance On Demand” was one more of the numerous free e-books you can find online about how to manifest things using the Law Of Attraction. Because the book was longer than about 20, 25 pages, – what the length of those books usually is – I decided to give it a shot and see if it is worth continuing reading.

My first impression of the book was that it was fun to read and that it was written very openly, friendly, and with much care. I felt invited to continue. Moreover, I became curious. I noticed that the book was capturing me more and more.

Already after the first 16 pages, I understood how I manifested the money flow in my life, my entire significant experiences, and my teachings. I understood that, yes, I inherited programs from my family and from society.

However, I could also see very clearly that I programmed myself to think, feel and act in a certain way. In addition, I did not only manifest it this way because of my learning and my experiences! My learning and my experiences were shaped in a certain way because I did program myself in this way.

My Most Unexpected Finding