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Why Spiritual Healing and Coaching?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Our today's world is a world of activities and accumulation of information immensely affected by the habit of a permanent phone or computer usage in internet, especially on social media and numerous information platforms. Every minute millions of posts, articles, comments get posted and read online. This happens in addition to our usual tasks at work, at home and for the family, etc. There is no time or/and no mental space, no allowance to pause and to feel in what is and what is really important for us.

And of course there are also barriers, blocks and limitations we have inherited or learned from family and society.

Everybody can greatly benefit from spiritual healing or/and coaching, not only healers, coaches and holistic practitioners or people on the healing path! In my understanding people on the healing path are people with many often serious health issues, traumatized people, people with PTSD - people who tried many different methods but do still miss the desired change and improvements, are going in circles experiencing the same or similar issues again and again.

And even though I focus on this special group of people in my healing work, everybody can come to me and get healing. I will work with everybody who seeks my support, if possible, if there are no medical restrictions to apply certain techniques. I am versed in a variety of incredibly effective methods and think that I can offer a safe method in many cases. There is actually no healing. There is support to SELF-HEALING.

There are tons of books and information online about Spirituality. Spirituality is often understood as or linked to activities like contemplation, meditation, yoga, etc. Many people think they need to possess certain knowledge to be spiritual or need to apply certain postures.

I don't focus on this type of Spirituality. Being spiritual means to me being in the present moment conscious and aware of oneself and the surroundings, another person or a pet, and experience the Oneness with them, experience the Oneness with all that is.

What does the Oneness mean? I will keep it very simple. We mostly experience ourselves as a separate entities and also perceive others and the surroundings as separate from us. And this indeed looks that way in our three-dimensional physical world.

With his assumption of duality of spirit and matter, René Descartes created a thought frame for that experience of distinction. However, modern physics teach us that everything in the Universe is ENERGY. Everything! Spirit is a defined and focused energy. Also matter is energy, dense energy, energy in a state of a lower vibration. On the energetic level objects, also our bodies, differ in their frequency. Frequency is the rate in which a vibration occurs.

Spiritual Healing and Coaching dr Jen

Also thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body are energy forms with their unique vibration and frequency. A positive thought, feeling or bodily sensation has a higher frequency than a negative one. Keeping yourself in a natural positive state of mind, you automatically will increase your vibration and frequency. Vibrating at a higher level you will be able to perceive and experience more objects, people, events and situations on similar level.

It is hard to describe and understand Oneness. Oneness needs to be experienced, the relation between our thoughts, feelings and events, and certain happenings, for example why certain people show up in our live just when we need them, things that work for us with ease and grace and things that don't, giving us a hard time.Things, especially electronic equipment, that suddenly break under influence of our thoughts and feelings, unexpected money that suddenly shows up in our life, clients who looks for our support knock at our door ... coincidences? No, there are no coincidences in the Universe.

Everything, from the state of believing in and feeling the state of Separateness from others and everything where we depend on so many things in outside world to become happy and successful to knowing and feeling that we are ONE with everything that is, one with the Divine Source and all Creation where we have the POWER and influence ourselves what happens in our life, is the "matter" for spiritual healing and coaching in the Quantum Energy Field with dr Jen.

Spiritual coaching and healing purify your energy step-by-step clearing negative memories, limiting beliefs and emotions, removing blocks and barriers. Your perception gets clearer and your also become able to perceive your physical body as saturated with Spirit. You will be better able to experience the here and now with lesser limits mentally, emotionally and physically feeling the miracle of being one with all Creation.

You will understand on a deep level of your being that there is no right and wrong, that there is an experience and the perception of that experience. Acknowledging what is and being deeply grateful for that experience, however that experience occurs, you will become more capable to receive insights, to listen to your inner guidance, and collect wisdom your Soul needs to expand and recognize itself.

Can you imagine what does it mean regards your life and your healing practice or coaching business when you provide support and healing to others?

Are you interested to learn more? Lets talk. Book a free discovery call with me!

With Love and Light!

Aloha, dr Jen

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