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Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

Meet Dr Jen

About You

If you work or care for people in any capacity, then I have dedicated my life to you.

Your truest self is compassionate, loving, and strong - even if you don't always feel that way on the inside.

The truth is, those who instinctively care about the well-being of others before their own, are often in need of the most support themselves. You overextend yourself, taking on the burdens of everyone around you and asking for nothing in return. Often others become so used to relying on you that you can begin to burn out, or feel taken advantage of.

I would love to help you to:

  • Transform stress and feeling disconnected into work-life balance and healthy relationships

  • Heal your burnout... and prevent it from happening again

  • Shift a controlling mind into a trusting mind

  • Transform sadness, loneliness, and despair into self-love, self-confidence, and joy

  • Identify and resolve patterns of struggling and fighting, into asking and receiving

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching
Dr Jen  MAP Coaching Hawaii
Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

About Me

I've struggled with these issues myself. I've spent over the past 25 years exploring different powerful healing modalities, taking what worked for me as an empathetic person and melding it all into a tailored guidance that's made to support others like me.

It was a fruitful journey, but patterns and issues persisted until I found MAP - Make Anything Possible - that supported me to experience true transformation.

Before that in 2018, I witnessed Kilauea eruption, a four months lasting catastrophic event that occurred only about four miles away from my home. Instead of getting scared I spread my wings, I unleashed dormant energies and tapped into my gifts I didn't dream I possess.


End of 2020 a personal tragedy hit unexpectedly, a separation from the love of my life. It really shook my foundation. Due to life circumstances, we continued living together for almost  a year. This happening really took me by surprise, completely unprepared, but instead of focusing on my pain and dissolving in tears this event rather accelerated my transformation.

Through MAP, I was able to tune in to my Higher Self and consistently reached out for the assistance of the Superconscious. Instead of responding from a place of grief, I found my inner strength, clarity, guidance and peace. I put my full attention on building my new existence, created my home and my business from scratch and transformed myself. Instead of turning bitter towards each other, I was able to kindle a new relationship between us based on genuine unconditional love. As I continued transforming into unconditional love and trust in myself, I entered the Oneness with all Creation. This is the place from which I operate since then.

My life's purpose is to guide you towards this same clarity and confidence in your own gifts and abilities. This is why I created Soul Guided Healing.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

About Us

You and I aren't just trying to get by in this world; we're trying to lift the world up with us.

We must learn how to give ourselves love, patience, and forgiveness.

The challenges of this world can be overwhelming. When we feel like we're not making a difference, we must remember that our small actions have ripples that we cannot see.

Imagine if we all united our efforts, across the barriers of time and space. There are millions of souls out there fighting the same battles as you are. Looking at our efforts through the lenses of quantum reality and energy philosophy, our ripples combine to create a tidal wave of compassion, support, and unconditional love.

It's an old adage in karmic energy circles; 'Every intention you put out into the universe comes back to you threefold.' Together we can multiply our efforts exponentially, to improve the world around us and reap the benefits of peace and joy.

Let me assist you to unlock these gifts in you.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching
Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

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