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Heal Yourself! Reiki Healing Coaching MAP

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Example of a Reiki Distant Healing - Part I Reiki Healing Coaching MAP

I would like to share with you an amazing Reiki case-study, an example of how important the reconciliation between the Reiki practitioner and the Reiki recipient is, and in particular the self-healing intention of the recipient.

The Reiki Practitioner channels and sends Reiki - the medicine - with the focus on the best result for the recipient. However, the recipient must take the medicine, observe its effects and influence the results to their best.

A few months ago, I began with the Reiki treatment on a good friend, who was hit hard for health and at the same time completely unexpectedly his business went down up to 75%. His life went upside down. The situation was so bad that it almost could not get worse. If you want to learn more about Dennis’ story, continue on here.

I had just finished my Reiki Master training, but I dared and offered him a Reiki distance healing for the situation sounded really bad. My friend was not very familiar with energy healing modalities, but in that extraordinary situation, he was ready to grab any straw so as not to sink.

Reiki Healing Coaching MAP

Find out how Dennis fared in each Reiki session!

You can really be amazed at what he has made of our Reiki sessions and how he has successively changed his life.

The following messages are the original messages we exchanged. My messages are shortened a bit focusing on the Reiki treatment. Enjoy Dennis’ completely unedited witness on his Reiki experience that he wrote down just after his session. Read here how it started:

Information Required to Send Distant Reiki Healing

My Message: Aloha Dennis!!

How are you doing??

We talked about Reiki sessions and now could be the time for you to start. If you like.

For the Distant Healing, I need the following information:

Your full name and date of birth,

The address where you would be at the time of Distant Healing.

Your preferred time in the morning and evening where you could have 30 up to 45 minutes undisturbed time relaxing.

After you sent me the information, I will send you some instruction to follow.

Also will give you feedback after the session and probably some suggestions on what you can do to get better and better.

Sending you much Love and Light! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ Response: “The Reiki sounds great. I certainly feel as though I need something!

We talking Hawaii time or Florida time LOL I can do it almost any day as I make my own schedule. You are 6 hours behind me right? 6 am your time would be 11 am here then 11 at night is 6 there ??? Does it need to be 12 hrs apart???

You are right on time this time LOL

onward n upward"

The following day I received the information for the Reiki Session but we did not have scheduled our Reiki date yet. However, I had the intense feeling that it was urgent and decided to send Reiki without a scheduled appointment with Dennis.

Reiki Healing Coaching MAP

How Do You Get the Best Benefit from Reiki?

My message: “Aloha Dennis! I sent you Reiki on Sunday morning 5 am cause you needed it urgently and Reiki sent is always working if there is a willingness to receive and heal, even though you didn’t lay down to absorb more of it. It was good you just let go “all that” for a while.

I will send you a one-on-one Reiki tomorrow morning at 5 am, your time at 11 am. Please, drink before and after a glass of water, and spend 30 minutes lying or sitting comfortably – choose what works better for you. You can keep your mind busy imagining healing (golden, fade yellow or blue) light around and insight of you. Choose a good place for the healing session without much light.

You may or may not see colors showing up on their own and have some sensations. Both ways are fine. After this session, I will set up the Reiki Distant Healing for you that you will receive for the next four days after tomorrow (5-28th till 6-1st) in the morning and evening.

Please, send me your preferred time for it to set up and send at your time. In the current situation going on with your business, I would suggest picking your time just after you wake up and before you go to bed. It is fine if you fall asleep during the session.

Please, watch out for positive changes in the next days. Expect to improve your health and clearing of the situation and things getting better. It would be great you keep a notebook and write down 5 or more positive, uplifting and good experiences, feeling or thoughts every evening related to your health and the current situation.

Please, let me know how are you doing.

Please, let me also know if you wish any adjustments for the Reiki Sessions.

Sending Love and Light from Hawaii!

Have a beautiful holiday! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ response: Aloha and awesome This was an amazing experience. I did feel an overwhelming of calm and I was prone and drifting in my mind trying to imagine the Big Blue. That is the ocean when it is calm. Then I felt that my hands were going numb and I realized that my whole body was feeling a sensation of tingling like if an extremity goes to sleep. I am not sure how long the feeling lasted but I then like all of a sudden it was gone and it was easy to be calm and drift then I felt awake and I was 40 minutes into it.

Right now I feel somewhat energized and hungry. LOL I haven't medicated since 8 am so it's not the munchies LOL Thank you so much! So that time is great 11 and 11 my time. 5 and 5 yours! If that's good for you!

My mind was racing a few times as it usually does when it's quiet but I did have thoughts of my kids and grandkids and then just how lucky I really am especially with Shirley who I only met 3 yrs ago!

My physical pain level was a little less after the session too. I had some good exercise this morning at cardiac rehab, lol. I am having more muscle pain at the moment as I had to cut down on the CBD due to an interaction with the Brilinta I am taking for the stent.

I also wanted to tell you that backtracked in my mind to 11 am Sunday. I dio remember getting that feeling of calm. I was traveling in a car thru the forest in north Florida at 11 am Sunday NICE! Thank you, onward n upward”

This was the first Reiki session with Dennis. More astounding sessions followed. I hope you became more curious and would like to try Reiki yourself! To read more, click here. Or just book a free call and learn more!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way! Aloha, dr Jen

This article was first published in August 2019 on my website Live up to you! Reiki Healing Coaching MAP

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