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Energy Work

How can energy work help me to feel better?

Our society places a vital emphasis on the physical and mental causes of pain and distress. However, by completely ignoring the spiritual and energetic parts of our nature, it's no wonder that so many people struggle to find full healing and relief from these methods alone. WE ARE ENERGY. Even modern science acknowledges this. These facets of our Being cannot be ignored.

I use a personalized blend of healing modalities, the modern ones created in last forty years like Advanced Energy Clearing based on Soul-Centered Healing developed by Dr Tom Zinser, and ones that are rooted in timeless Eastern spiritual philosophy to unlock access to the Higher Self, the unconscious, and allow spiritual and energetic issues to come forth and be resolved, like Reiki in combination with Lemurian Light and Atlantean Reiki. This helps my clients address issues that have kept them exhausted, in pain, anxious, or living out negative patterns in their lives, including intruding or attached Spirits


Basic Energy Work


Remote Reiki Session (45 mins)

Everything in the universe is energy. This is also true of our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions. Using the ancient practice of Reiki, I'm able to clear energy blocks that correspond to the stress and negative emotions that we hold onto. When our energy can flow freely, we are able to meet the challenges of life with peace and resiliency.


Chakra & Aura Cleanse+Balance (45 mins)

There are seven primary energy centers in the body. Each corresponds to aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual identities. Some areas of focus include physical, sexual, creative, social, instinctual, and spiritual health. When our energy centers are open and in balance, we are fully connected to the needs of ourselves, those around us, and the universe. By targeting each chakra, I am able to clear difficulties you've had in these areas.

Advanced Cleansing Single Sessions

Advanced Cleansing Package Deals

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