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What Is the MAP Method?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

MAP – “Manifesting All Possibilities®”

MAP means “Manifesting All Possibilities®,” and it is a coaching system that is focusing especially on all entities of memories you collected throughout your existence, conscious and unconscious, and across all times and space.

You may wonder how you could possess memories of your future life? Yes, you are creating your future right now. Reading this article and being in the present moment will bring you there soon. But, when you only think about your future you simultaneously create your future at that very moment.

Every thought you think is a spark of new or old, lived-through reality and it has the potential of being manifested, especially if you think that thought very often. It is that simple. If you add a strong emotion to the thought, negative or positive, en voilà, you can expect your manifestation showing up soon.

To work on all entities of past, present and future memories MAP uses the power of the Superconscious, a function of a brain, a Genie that is able to access ALL of memories, neutralizing all trauma-based memories, reconnecting the neuro-pathways using the neuroplasticity of the brain and replacing all negative memories with positive ones, and reinforcing the latter.

If the term neuroplasticity isn’t familiar to you, don’t worry. It means only that your brain is able to renew itself, to generate new neurons and to reconnect all synaptic pathways in a completely new way. The brain is able to restructure completely. However, you need to teach your brain how you would like the new structure to look like, and a method that shows the brain how to accomplish it. The MAP system.

If you understand the term “trauma” as Sigmund Freud has done, as an extremely bad experience, please let it go for a moment. In MAP the meaning of the term trauma is, it is (or could be) each and every negative experience you have made. Trauma can simply occur when having an annoying conversation with a representative of an office where you have to run an errand or suffer under an aggressive driver behind you who is sticking at your bumper.

For What Kind of Issues Can You Use MAP?

You can use MAP to work on more or less every issue you want to resolve.

You can use it to change your blueprint in certain areas as improving relationships, getting a job you dream of, changing your way to think, feel or act, achieving a goal, preparing for an exam or an interview, finding a new house or apartment, creating a steady money flow in your life, starting a new career, increasing your energy, but also supporting your body to cope with a serious disease, or even improving or healing certain symptoms and conditions of your physical body.

There is no subject, nothing that MAP would not at least improve or help you to cope better with it.