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Do You Suffer from Strange Symptoms as if You Would Be Possessed? A Case Overview.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Working with a client some time ago, using the fast and very effective MAP Method (Make Anything Possible) we ran into problems and the treatment could not have been continued. The MAP method is based on the Process Healing Method created by Dr Garry Flint in the early 1990s.

Besides the regular protocols for more or less any issue occurring on the physical, mental or emotional level, that causes disruptions and blockages in the flow of life, this method includes also protocols to treat and remove energetic attachments and spirit intrusions from the Personal Energy Field.

While the regular protocols focus on treating and neutralizing memories with a negative emotional charge and use the function of the Self, called Subconscious or Super Conscious, to work on them, the extended protocols focus on the level of the Soul and the spiritual journey.

They use as a working instance the Higher Self (HS) that can be seen as a projection of the Soul to provide the current Self