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Welcome to the Healers' Support-Hub

of the House of Soul Guided Healing Work: Healing, Learning, Thriving Together!

The House of Soul Guided Healing Work offers a Support-Hub where healers, coaches, practitioners who work holistically, and people on the healing path can meet, exchange and support each other about topics around:

  • healing,

  • methods and techniques,

  • tips and tricks,

  • building and growing healing or coaching business,

  • recommendations regard programs and certifications,

  • environmental and ecological topics

without the typical time-costly hustle and bustle on Facebook or other social media platforms.
Everybody who deeply care about themselves, other people, all living beings and our planet, and desire to contribute to raising the frequency of the individual and collective consciousness is warmly welcomed to join this community of like-minded people!
Every client of soul guided healing work can become a member cost-free. Non-clients can become a free member until the end of this year (12/31/2021).
Additional benefits:
As a member you can request Einstellen, a remote healing with Bruno Gröning, an amazing German healer who was active after the Second World War, getting famous for healing many incurable cases abandoned by the scholar medicine.
Clients can also request a 10% discount coupon for all services of soul guided healing work.
More benefits will be announced soon.

Please, contact me for more information!

With Love, Light and Gratitude!
Namaste and Aloha, dr Jen

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