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For Healers, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Teachers &Trainers, & People on the Healing Path

MAP (TM) Healing & Creation Coaching

Gentle, profound & scientifically proven healing and creation method to release traumatic emotions - decrease stress - get rid of fatigue &  foggy brain - to free and unleash all your creation avenues feeling guided, free & joyful!

Soul-Centered Healing Method

Hypnosis-based healing method to identify and resolve problems existing within the energetic, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of the Self. SCH Method is combining body, mind, and spiritual levels to clear external attachments (energies, energy implants, Spirits, Extraterrestrial or Dimensional Beings) and align your inner Subpersonalities to support you on your path.

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What if ...

... you could break out of limiting illusions & easily resolve issues that keep you stuck?

- create work-life-balance instead of feeling stressed & exhaust?

- transform self-doubt into self-confidence, depression into joy, & feeling disconnected into powerful relationships?

- heal from trauma or burnout?

- easily manifest what you truly desire?

Do you have questions? Let's talk. Book a free discovery call with dr Jen! Just click the button below!

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Tailored Assistance - Profound Healing!

Request tailored assistance, with experience & cutting-edge methods to unleash your potential & create an amazing & happy life!
Discover today what dr Jen can do for you! Book a free 30 minutes consultation!

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About dr Jen

If you would ask me, what I do, I would say: Well, you know, there are many people who work with other people, who love their work & are passionate about helping people, yet something is holding them back to unleash their full potential or fill up their schedule with clients.

I support them to release traumatic, limiting memories, increase peace of mind, feel grounded & connected, & attract people, events, and experiences to live in abundance and in alignment with themselves. 

My healing approach is holistic. I work using the cutting-edge, scientifically proven MAP Method, the profound SCH Method & a bouquet of other methods and modalities which support healing on the level of the physical body, mind, & Spirit.

I apply only safe, highly effective & gentle methods that I successfully used on myself and that have been effective for my clients.

Formerly a social psychology researcher, and for the past 15 years working as a coach and trainer, I have supported 1400 students and professionals annually to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

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