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Relieve Your Burnout
Reignite Your Passion
Reclaim Your Purpose

Radical Mind Reprogramming
   and Energy Healing

Imagine yourself with the hopeful nature of a child, the energy of an adolescent, the experience of an adult, and the wisdom of the aged.

We are given beautiful gifts throughout our lifetime, but somehow it feels like a trade. Like we must lose the best parts of one stage of life in order to progress to the next. This is accepted as a "fact of life."

The truth is, you haven't lost a single part of yourself. Over time, humans only grow in beauty, complexity, and skill. Even our failures move us forward in lessons learned, to prepare us for even greater things in the future.

You can't lose parts of yourself, but you can lose contact with them. I specialize in helping you explore, resolve, and reintegrate these parts of yourself. Having your full power at your disposal means:

          -Letting go of traumatic emotions

          -Freedom from exhaustion and foggy brain

          -Being able to handle stress with ease

          -Breaking through whatever is holding you back

Best of all, we escape the negative feedback loop of choices that both come from and contribute to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual turmoil.

What we carry inside us is what we create around us. To create the life of your dreams, inside and out, let's talk!

Dr Jen Dancing MAP Coaching
Dr Jen Milky Way MAP Coaching

I Can Help You Find...

For the Healers, Teachers,
   Coaches and Caregivers

I see you, and I love you. You are the empathic souls whose greatest ambition is to touch the lives of others. You have the valuable insight to see what a better world might look like, and the courage to take action to make it so.

It's not an easy path. We can feel overwhelmed and undervalued. Piling others' burdens on top of our own can crush us if we're not careful.

We must work together to create a better world. After decades of exhaustive research and fearless self-exploration, I was able to confront my burdens, doubts & limiting beliefs. I broke free from the cycle of stress and exhaustion that was holding me back.  


You deserve this same peace of mind. Let me help you find strength, resilience, and clarity of purpose. 

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching
Dr Jen  MAP Coaching
Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

"I could not go through this
   without her."

Where she has been outstanding for me is helping me cope with an immediate family member's terminal illness. Jenna's continued support and assistance at this time is invaluable. I could not go through this without her. Whatever your situation, whether you want to heal an issue or create something new,  I am confident that Jenna can help you. 

Sharon BN, Reiki Master and MAP Coach


Dr Jen  MAP Group Coaching

Group Sessions

You never walk this path alone. Unite in purpose and love with others who share your struggles, and let healing sprout from a common ground.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

Make Anything Possible

Take control of your harmful thought patterns. Learn to reprogram your mind without the use of medication or intensive therapy.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

Energy Work

We are Beings of light and energy. If you're exhausted all the time, fighting intrusive thoughts, or don't feel like yourself, consider this.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

Tailored Guidance

Targeted healing for those with complex past traumas, those seeking fulfillment, and those still reeling from the tragedies of the pandemic.

Dr Jen  MAP Coaching

Find your path to serenity

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with dr Jen today!

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Thank you for reaching out! I'll be in contact with you shortly. Have a blessed day!

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