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Find Tailored Support

There are so many coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners, teachers and trainers who love their work and are passionate about helping people, yet something is holding them back to unfold their full potential and to fill their schedule with clients.

I’m dr Jen, and I’m fiercely committed to guiding and supporting them to achieve their goals and dreams,

to ease their pain and suffering,

to become more peaceful, calm, relaxed, and self-confident,

to stay in the present moment and make good decisions for the future creations, so they have the life and business they truly desire.

I also support people who are seeking healing for a long time, yet they seem to go in circles not getting the desired results. I support them in finding the right way for them to heal, gain the understanding and insights they need, and create healthy and fulfilling life they deserve.

If you are looking for a proven professional and real person with deep experience who can assist you to solve issues like workaholism, stress, burnout, feeling stuck, depressive moods, sadness, long grief, fatigue & brain fog, or other concerns that stand in your way of making your dreams come true, you’ve come to the right place.

With about 15 years of experience as a coach, I worked with many amazing, wonderful clients with similar worries, issues, and concerns and guided them to achieve remarkable life changes and lasting success.

My mission and commitment are to assist people who work with people to achieve the best results while they easily maintain their peace of mind, clarity, focus, and energy, and see the people as highly resourceful and from a place of Love and Abundance.

I would love to assist you to:

  • transform stress and feeling disconnected into work-life-balance, healthy relationships, and connections,

  • heal your burnout and prevent it to happen again,

  • shift a controlling mind into a trusting mind,

  • transform sadness, loneliness, and despair into self-love, self-confidence, and joy,

  • identify and resolve patterns of struggling and fighting into asking and receiving.

I worked on the above-named issues and more for about 25 years using different powerful modalities. Of course, I got better with time. But since MAP found me, I experienced a profound personal transformation and transformed my entire life.

My clients experience remarkable shifts and improvements working with me. Please, see the testimonies about how that work has impacted their life and business.

tailored support: Welcome
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