Start Your Journey

with the House of Soul Guided Healing Work

We all are creators! We are able to create anything we desire for good and bad. All we need to do is to create a clear image of what we want to create and the feel trust, knowing, and the certainty that our desire is already manifested. Then all we need is to stay open to receiving it.

I created the house of soul guided healing work to serve others, YOU, for example! If you would ask me, what do I do to serve others, I would answer: You know, there are coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners who love their work and are passionate about helping people, yet something is holding them back to fill up their schedule with clients. I support them to being connected to their spiritual self as they go, see the big picture, and attract clients, events, experiences, and life in abundance with ease and grace, exactly as it is the best for them.

I would then add: I also support people who are seeking healing for a long time, yet they seem to go around in circles not getting the desired results. I support them to re-align with their soul purpose, to receive the understanding and insights they need for their healing, and to create a life they dream about.