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Conscious Creator Coaching Program

Stop Acting on Autopilot Become Deliberate Creator - Personalized Program

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 11,111 US dollars
  • Online on Zoom

Service Description

Are you creating same results and experiences in your life even though you tried almost everything to change it? Then this program is for you! In this Personalized Soul Guided Program, you'll: - learn to identify the patterns that are driving your thinking, feeling and behavior, and creating your moment by moment experience, - learn to step into the observer position, - learn to listen to yourself, - identify and clear limiting beliefs caused by traumas and indoctrination, - learn to shift negative emotions and thinking, smooth emotional pain, and let go of worst scenarios habitual thinking, - learn to shift stuck or stagnant energy and negative moods, - learn how to expand and maintain AWARENESS, - learn to connect to and use your INTUITION, - learn to dwell in the PRESENT MOMENT, the Point of Creation, - learn to experience Being OneWithAll - Experience ONENESS, - learn to purposely and deliberately create what you desire to experience. ANYTHING. This Personalized Program is for you if all you tried before didn't work out for you and after years of trying you're still fighting self-doubts, emotional pain, limiting thoughts, encountering negative experiences and setbacks. This program is for you if you truly want to break through this cycle of repetition and claim your True Life as a Conscious Creator experiencing Flow, Joy and Abundance. This program is for you if: - you're ready to see, accept and change what is not serving you anymore, - you're ready and committed to rewire your limiting emotional and thinking patterns, habits, routines, - you're ready and committed to invest in YOUR SELF and make time for whatever is needed to do to succeed, - you're ready and committed to see your transformation with beginner's eyes and learn all you need to shift and move on. - you're ready and committed to take the FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all you created in the past and continue creating day after day. Please, don't book if you cannot say a full YES to all of the above yet. The duration of the Conscious Creator Program is nine months but can be extended up to 15 months. What is included: - Introduction into MAP and AEC methods - 4 monthly 90min clearing sessions (MAP or AEC as needed), together 36 sessions, - 4 45-min monthly training/conversations, - 4 30-min shifting energy techniques practice sessions. Price of $11.111 Personalized Conscious Creator Program is also available as a pricing plan with weekly or monthly payments.

Cancellation Policy

Full Payment is due for each service. Since time has been especially reserved for me, I understand a 24- hour cancellation notice is expected and missed appointments may be charged.

Contact Details


RR2 BOX 4568, Pahoa HI, USA Mapuana Avenue, Pāhoa, HI, USA

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