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Experience Magic with MAP Method

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Manifest the Life that You Really Want!

How often do we experience life simply unfolding like on its own, bringing to us positive and negative surprises, and challenges? Negative surprises and challenges are indeed more common by most people, also by most people I met in my life. They say then, “I cannot believe that this happened to me!” or “I can’t believe what is happening right now.”

Looking back on my own life, I can say that both the negative and positive surprises were only a few. I mostly have gotten what I wanted to. I achieved all my big goals except one, and I also achieved most of my small(er) daily goals, even though many of them with a delay. Anyhow, I experienced many challenges in my life, to be more precise my life seemed to “serve me” a never-ending stream of challenges for entire long periods of time.

Why? Ain’t we here on this beautiful planet Earth to learn and to be happy?

There are tons of scientific theories and non-scientific explanations about us, humans, our purpose of being here on Earth, and how our lives come together.

To explain how we express our life the science addresses topics like influence by Alter Ego – that means a very close person like a parent or very intimate friend, cognitive and emotional patterns, beliefs patterns, decision-making, motivation, resilience, and last but not least, the neuropathways and synaptic connections in the brain or short our brain, to name only a few of the scientific fields. Religions and different belief-systems refer to God, Heaven, Hell, Karma, the Truth or Destiny, to explain how to do the right thing in life, to name also only a few of them.

Which of those theories and explanations are true? Which are the right ones? Which one will lead you to a beautiful and truthful Self and a fulfilled life?

The answer is all of them and none of them, and this is determined by your point of view, what you want in your life, and what you decide to believe.

Why? Because we not only express ourselves and our lives. We are creating them, systematically, decision by decision, consciously and unconsciously. The later way is the most common one and the reason why we experience the surprises and challenges.

There is also the big game we play in society and administration which want us to be and to act in a certain way to make our acting more predictable and controllable. There are certain cultural and social claims and standards of how to live as a woman or a man.

The fashion dictates how to dress, famous models how to shape your body, TV, movie and music stars (and their scandals) how to behave. Facebook, Twitter, and co drag your attention to a tiny hypnotic screen of your smartphone and consume lots of your attention.

All those pieces come together in a fascinating illusion that you buy as your life and the only reality.

I don’t want to talk to you about the theories and explanations. I don’t want to talk about society and the illusion. The fact is that no matter what you feel, think or believe, or what is present for you in your life right now, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

I Struggled a lot but I Never Struggled with My Struggles

I struggled a lot in my life. There were times where only struggles occurred, one after another. However, I never struggled with my struggling. I always sensed, and later on knew, that I am the one who somehow attracts all those challenges in my life. At one point when the depression hit me all of the sudden middles in writing my master thesis, I decided to act.

It was a miracle to find a good therapist in a few weeks. But I did. I knew I needed to clean “some things” out. Since then 25 years passed by and in the meanwhile, I tried different approaches for this deep cleaning. Here is a short list:

My studies of sociology, social psychology, and psychology – I learned tons of theories and weakened, if not almost lost, my connection to my intuition.

7 years Cognitive Therapy – first four years weekly meetings, next two years twice a month, last year occasionally on demand.

Certified ECA Coach Training – In my opinion up to 70 percent of the training to become a coach is cleaning out by oneself that enables you to treat the issues of the client, not your own issues. It was at least how I did the training.

Self-employed in VOCUSI – I found my own coaching business and learned a lot from and with others for I always used the approach via learning in the best possible way.

Working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for years to clear out fear, frustration, stress, and allergies.

Altogether 7 years NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), all levels (Practitioner, Master, Coach, and Trainer). Also here was my focus to understand what, why and how I did it – I mean how I did my life. More deep cleaning.

Hypnosis training – I understood that I needed to understand hypnosis to work with the subconscious deals of my clients. The truth is, I wanted to understand my own subconscious mind and work with it for I sensed that NLP alone wasn’t enough to move on faster.

I worked with Ho’oponopono for many years. However, after attending the training to Ho’oponopono Practitioner I understood the power of the memories on a very deep level and started the Cleansing with Ho’oponopono Prayer for 9 months.

Training to Reiki Level 1 – I had the idea it is about energy and practiced it for over a year before I continued with the training. Especially during the Kilauea Eruption Reiki was a huge gift.

Four months of Kilauea Eruption gave me the opportunity to open up to my feelings, emotions and my intuition. I never learned more than during those four months of the eruption. My learning was completely experience-based.

Live up to you! I founded an online business at the Wealthy Affiliate platform and that time I wanted to do everything right. Fortunately, I met some awesome folks and learned tons with them and through them in a very short period of time. I will post more about my Wealthy Affiliate experience soon.

Training to Reiki level 2 and the Master level – I knew it is also about the energy.

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner – I wanted to learn more about energy and to extend the skills and knowledge I gained already. Still attending this course.

There was a point at that I REALLY really knew that I’m doing it myself, that I’m creating every single experience myself. It wasn’t thinking or guessing, it was knowing. I knew it at a very deep level. It is not only about wording. Knowing means you collected all pieces to understand something and now you KNOW (you are absolutely certain) about something on a very deep level.

And then, Colette’s book was sent to me by my dear friend, Linda, whom I met at Wealthy Affiliate, and she urged me in her email to read it forthwith. Please, click here if you like to learn more about Linda Frankson. And, I read it only because of her. Otherwise, this e-book would still have hung out somewhere in the vast memory of my computer, on the circuit board with a size of one terabyte.

Colette’s book is MAP. Please, click here if you want to learn more about Colette and Valentin Streicher, the founder of the MAP Institute and the MAP System (“Manifesting All Possibilities®”). Click here to find out more.

Soon after I started to study this book, I understood that this method is THE METHOD and that I was very well prepared for it.

The list above is not to impress or to scare you! I want to show you that it took me so long because I did not have the right tool. I mean, looking back I would not have liked to miss any of those experiences and learnings. What I mean is, it takes longer and makes you clean out the same things again and again for they come back in different outfits and you dig deeper and deeper, and your understanding becomes greater and greater, and also your skills. It is quite a journey.

Addressing this I want to encourage you, if you at a point where you think there is something in you and your life what you would like or need to clean out to create a YOU and a life you desire, please take a SHORTCUT! Do the MAP. Please, continue to read about what MAP-system is and how it works.

This article was first posted in October 2019 on my website Live Up 2 You!

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