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Experience Magic with MAP Method

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Manifest the Life that You Really Want!

How often do we experience life simply unfolding like on its own, bringing to us positive and negative surprises, and challenges? Negative surprises and challenges are indeed more common by most people, also by most people I met in my life. They say then, “I cannot believe that this happened to me!” or “I can’t believe what is happening right now.”

Looking back on my own life, I can say that both the negative and positive surprises were only a few. I mostly have gotten what I wanted to. I achieved all my big goals except one, and I also achieved most of my small(er) daily goals, even though many of them with a delay. Anyhow, I experienced many challenges in my life, to be more precise my life seemed to “serve me” a never-ending stream of challenges for entire long periods of time.

Why? Ain’t we here on this beautiful planet Earth to learn and to be happy?

There are tons of scientific theories and non-scientific explanations about us, humans, our purpose of being here on Earth, and how our lives come together.

To explain how we express our life the science addresses topics like influence by Alter Ego – that means a very close person like a parent or very intimate friend, cognitive and emotional patterns, beliefs patterns, decision-making, motivation, resilience, and last but not least, the neuropathways and synaptic connections in the brain or short our brain, to name only a few of the scientific fields. Religions and different belief-systems refer to God, Heaven, Hell, Karma, the Truth or Destiny, to explain how to do the right thing in life, to name also only a few of them.

Which of those theories and explanations are true? Which are the right ones? Which one will lead you to a beautiful and truthful Self and a fulfilled life?

The answer is all of them and none of them, and this is determined by your point of view, what you want in your life, and what you decide to believe.

Why? Because we not only express ourselves and our lives. We are creating them, systematically, decision by decision, consciously and unconsciously. The later way is the most common one and the reason why we experience the surprises and challenges.

There is also the big game we play in society and administration which want us to be and to a