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Methods of Soul Guided Healing

only the best for YOU - highly effective methods I apply on myself

soul guided healing - a combination of all methods listed below with the foundation in Light and Love Energy

MAP Method (make anything possible) - focuses on neutralizing negative memories and emotions in all physical, mental, and emotional systems - works with the Superconscious Mind.

soul-centered healing - focuses on healing in alignment with the soul, identifying and removing energetic attachments, spirit intrusions, bounded spirits, extraterrestrials, and other entities and implanted devices - works with the Higher Self and High-Level Guides on the basis of Light and Love Energy.

process healing method - focuses on neutralizing negative memories and emotions in all physical, mental, and emotional systems, freeing the systems from the negative emotional charge enhancing the way you feel, think, act and decide; works with the Subconscious Mind.

advanced process healing method -  focuses on removing energetic fields and other foreign energy attachments, freeing your energy field from negative impact, works with the Higher Self and the Inner Wisdom.

Reiki (Usui) - works on the energy and spiritual level of understanding and Insight.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (or simply called tapping)- reduces or neutralizes pain, hurt and emotional upheaval - works on energy, physical, mental and emotional level.

Ho'oponopono Method - Hawaiian method of forgiveness - works on the spiritual level and release negative memories.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) - a tool system that focuses especially on working with perception, values, beliefs system, emotions, feeling, thinking and acting patterns, and patterns of handling relationships.

further methods and techniques:

energy medicine, trilogy, breathing techniques, meditation. sound healing, color and light healing

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