How Do I Work?

There are hundreds of methods and techniques discovered and created. And this is good so for depending on the individual history, values, beliefs system, and the experiences collected, everybody resonates with a particular way to heal unique to this person.

There is no healing. There is only SELF-HEALING and many different methods to support self-healing. If you strongly believe that a certain thing or method will heal you - it will.

My healing approach is holistic. I work using a bouquet of methods that support healing on different levels, on the level of the physical body, on the emotional and cognitive level, and the spiritual level.

I apply only safe and gentle working methods that I successfully used myself and that have been effective for my clients.

Working with you I use Divine Guidance and my intuition. I receive support from my High-Level Guides: I work with Master Yeshua (Jesus in Aramaic), Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Archangels Raphael, Michael, Jophiel, Metatron, and Gabriel, and with Bruno Gröning who was a miraculous German healer in the 1950s.